Florence Nightingale: A Drama Queen in Brief

1820 to 1910

In 1820 Florence Nightingale was born in Florence Italy. At 17 she claims that a vision of God called her to the service of others. Leaning toward nursing, she proposed the idea of training at the Salisbury Infirmary. …

Fire was Written and Directed by Deepa Mehta in 1996. It is a love story about two women in a world where this is extremely dangerous. This movie was a great introduction to India: its culture, traditions and belief systems that bind people together and limit their actions.

Mehta gives…

Book Review

The Awakening is the story of a woman (Edna Pontellier) so besieged by the demands of others, that even when she has even the slightest moment to herself, she can’t think. If she had something that gave her personal meaning, she might have been able to save herself…

What exactly is 70:20:10?

In business, learning, and adult development, 70:20:10 or 70–20–10 as a working model is a theory about the percentage ratio of how people learn. Its break down theorizes that 70 percent of adult learning is informal and occurs through actually doing a particular job or having…

What is a Widget?

In the virtual world of computers and software, widgets are mini programs. Those programs can stand alone to do just one thing, or they can fit together with larger applications to help the application do its job more efficiently. Basically there are two types of widgets…

The book was written in 1924 by Edward Morgan Forster AKA E.M. Forster. There have been many versions and editions written since his original publication. He chose the title from a poem from Walt Whitman titled “Passage to India.” The story itself is based on Forster’s own experiences in India.

By An Annoying Liberal Commie Pinko Fag Dyke Revolutionary

It was just a light-hearted conversation between sets. The question posed: What would you do if you were president? I didn’t have an answer, but the more I thought about it — the more I began to wonder. …

The First Female Mathematician

Hypatia was born in Alexandria Egypt somewhere around AD. 370.

At the time her father Theon was a part of Alexandria’s major mathematical learning center. He was thought to have worked at an institution referred to as the Museum.

His access to the Museum’s equipment and…

May 15, 1938 — June 23, 2014

Nancy Garden was born May 15, 1938 in Boston Massachusetts. She always told others she believes that she is one of those people who just have to write!

She began to write very early on in her life. She said as young as…

Julie Johnson

Starring Lili Taylor and Courtney Love

Written by Wendy Hammond and Bob Gosse


A Sundance selection

Julie Johnson was released in 2001. The lead character Julie played by Lili Taylor (always has a performance worth watching), is a young New Jersey housewife looking for herself, her soul…

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Writer, Researcher, Librarian who loves literature and history.

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